Clone Use Continues…for at least one of us

Two nights ago, one of our younger cloned bodies was in use; sexually. Whether or not this was a ritual, I am uncertain, but think not, at least not a formal ritual setting. All acts of sex within the network are rituals in some way and degree, always involving an exchange of “energy.”

I will now relay how this experience came to be understood by me.

It was to be a day off from work when we awoke with a heaviness on the morning of October 13, 2013. Often our physical discomfort in bed prevents us from enjoying the gift of a later than usual rise, however, on this morning we felt the weight of a saddened Spirit and distraught emotions and decided to remain under the comfort of our blankets, blocking out the morning coolness and the “world of man” that still seems a distant realm to many of us.

As I lay there pondering our immediate cause of deep dis-ease, one of us quickly suggested that it must be the usual fair; financial limits and physical degradation. I chose to let that go, to allow it no more distractive power than it already has and sank back into this rare opportunity of lounging in a warm bed free of physical pain, despite the heart ache.

Shortly after while lying on my left side fully awake yet relaxed, I had a visual flash from the night before accompanied by the conscious connection to our current predicament of emotion and Spirit. The visual was not just a visual as we have become painfully aware of in our deep deprogramming beginning in earnest in April 2008. There are things we consider “dreamlike,” yet have repeatedly come to “see and feel” that there are other memories and experiences that are as fresh and tactile as any other “real” thing. This experience immediately fell into that category, albeit with my initial reluctance.

The “see and feel” was of a naked man still glistening with sweat, a full-frontal view with all the palpable flesh and movement of someone walking away after a very active sexual encounter, including the sexual fluids still visible on his flaccid, large penis. He donned dark hair tousled about below his ears, a lightly covered hairy chest of the same shade and an abundance of similarly dark pubic hair. We could smell and taste the sweat, though removed slightly from me personally. I could see his face yet he was unrecognizable to me. Behind him off to the left remained a small cache of other men, all naked and sweaty, one of whom was balding and fair-haired, mid to late forties and in good shape. Their number was approximately a half dozen in total. I saw no one else present nor sensed them. The instant feeling accompanying this was a nauseating repulsion edged with disgust and an unfortunately all too familiar shame. My immediate inclination was to interpret this as an “alter” memory, but that was short lived in light of the proper understanding; our younger “clone” was still very much in use as a part-time sexual slave. We understood her to be the one we have visually “seen”; a younger version of us in our prime twenties with predominant sex-kill programming, yet without the encumbered emotional conscience. A clone uploaded with only part of our programmed personality, leaving out the parts that inhibit moral and ethical limitation.

We have previously determined her to be mid to late twenties (at the time of “seeing” her one year ago), below shoulder length solid blonde hair with a trim, athletic physique, slow to age and–during the time “seen”–she was dressed in an all black form fitting long sleeve shirt and pants with her hair pulled back into a clean, snug ponytail. She was outdoors in full sunlight and she very obviously and briefly became “aware” of my viewing her at the same moment I became aware of her presence. She and the others like her were already known to exist to me, however this was the first time I had “seen” her since being in deep deprogramming. She and only one other are still alive as far as I know. I am certain she exists and performs her “on tasks” right here in the “world of man” as we did, however, like us she too is used cross-dimensionally.

I am uncertain where the night of the 12th and early morning of the 13th of October 2013 events took place for her and indirectly for us, though believe it was right here in this consciousness where space and time runs on the same linear line. I am, on the other hand, quite certain of its reality as the sick residue of the nights events and the palpably photographic memory of the one dark haired man remains intensely complete along with its other sensory remnants, including disgust.

Several of us in this body—alternate personalities–continue to address these other “selves” and their lives of slavery, but the retrieval of their minds and Spirits has not seen success. The other living, functioning clone—the other one of the four I am aware of, designed and brought online in 1989–is living in complete obscurity to me, save her “live” existence and continued use by her programmers, kontrollers and handlers.

More disturbing however is the almost unavoidable conclusion that the programmers would continue to “clone” bodies from our DNA, ongoing…would they not?…Combining it with all or part(s) of a well programmed personality.

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