This piece is long overdue…and will never really be complete.

There are those among us who just cannot allow things to go on as planned by an elite Network of men and women who are and have been accessed throughout the ages by malevolent beings. The names attributed to this nefarious group that spans the globe vary, however their obsessions with “bloodlines,” “kontrol” and “sex” never change, no matter the civilization or era.

But this piece is not devoted to “them,” it is instead devoted to the courageous men, women and children who over the ages have defied them. Do not expect to see saints of purity listed here, but instead those who in one way or another trudged through the stench of malevolent designs with a conscience that would not allow them to quit. In all cases this resulted in loss, and for many it meant loss of their life in this “world of man” realm. What we know is this is only one of the Lives the human, Benevolent Spirit lives, however, what each of these people fully experienced in their journeys to reveal Truth is unknown to the rest of us. I can only imagine that fear of torture or death came into the equation at some point for each of them, that the threats against themselves and their families delayed them in their tracks, yet they persevered in spite of its possibility and in some cases that perseverance led to their eventual “murder.” Where death occurred, murder and attempted murder is exactly what it is in most if not all of the cases listed here. Even when a person is pushed to “suicide” through the use of ongoing trauma and torture of mind, body and Spirit, it is murder. Some listed here were “executed.” Also among these are cases involving the children of those working for justice for the victims of this decidedly “evil” cabal, knowingly “sacrificed” along with their intended parental targets. Still others were maimed by the attempted murder with others being continually targeted ongoing to affect their ability to thrive among the “world of men.”

And not yet understood by many out there, some listed here are still in their human body yet have met with the latest torment that has removed them from the “world of man” as the rest know it; the uploading of their “mind” into an eternal hell. A bullet is no longer favored by those at the top of the heap, “mind prisons” are.

Our heart aches for them ongoing as we are inspired and sustained by their commitment to a simple yet unbelievably difficult ethic in the face of persecution by these malevolently handled people; the revelation of a cancerous, unethical, immoral injustice among humanity. Each and everyone listed here affected the longevity of the undying human Spirit to persevere in the face of “evil.” These are my heroes and other’s heroes, not because they were or are larger than Life, but because in spite of a co-opted life they fought for the Benevolent right intended each and every living thing; freedom of body, freedom of mind, freedom of Spirit. Each of them “saw” a piece of the long functioning, dangerous conspiracy and responded with the Spirit of Truth.

We encourage you to set aside your programmed belief that the imperfections of man some how cancel out man’s Goodness, because on this list reside those who worked and/or are working in some way to bring justice and an even playing field to us all, many as a result of their own victimization. Look into their lives, beyond the “media” hype provided to make you sever your communion with them. Look into and beyond your own fears at those who pushed beyond theirs in the public eye, for themselves and ultimately the rest of us. It is time to take a stand, an educated, Love-filled stand.

Diana Francis Spencer, “Diana, Princess of Wales”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (executed 11/22/63)

Martin Luther King, Jr. (executed 4/4/68)

Robert Francis Kennedy (executed 6/6/68)

Malcolm Little, “Malcolm X”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr.

John Winston Lennon

James Paul McCartney, the real Paul McCartney

Frank Olson

Vincent Walker “Vince” Foster, Jr.

James Vincent Forrestal

Theodore Fulton “Ted” Stevens, Sr.

Joseph Daniel Casolaro

Gary Stephen Webb

Gary and Andrew Caradori

Aaron Hillel Swartz

Michael Mahon Hastings

James Douglas “Jim” Morrison

Jimi Hendrix

Janis Lyn Joplin

Norma Jean Mortenson, “Marilyn Monroe”

Lee Jun-fan, “Bruce Lee”

Brandon Bruce Lee

Heath Andrew Ledger

Whitney Elizabeth Houston

Michael Joseph Jackson

Paul Bennewitz

Anya Politkovskaya

Dr. Lorraine K. Hurley

And many, many more…

Blessings to them and to all of those who still remain anonymous.

Here are some victims currently being tormented–in one way or another–for their revelations of Truth.

Leroy Fletcher Prouty

Kevin Annett

Diana Napolis

Edward Joseph “Ed” Snowden

Bradley Edward Manning, “Chelsea Manning”

Sibel Edmonds

Paul Bonacci

Alicia Owens

Roseanne Barr

Tia Tequila (once awakening, now “re-programmed”)

In addition to these courageous individuals, there are those among us currently fighting for Truthful revelations from many-a-perpetrators…some of them are listed here:

Cynthia Ann McKinney, Politician and Activist

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