More links that affect everyone…the “future” is now! (always being updated)

For those of us who come from inside the dark, dark “world” that runs parallel to and “kontrols” the “world of man” that is seen as “real,” the information below will come as no surprise, only as validation and corroboration. However, for those who label such things as “conspiracy theory,” you are about to be forced into recognition of conspiracy science, what the rest of us live in.

Listed below are various articles revealing a little of that dark “world” to those with the eyes to “see,” some about the future and some about the past; understanding what occurred allows clearer understanding of what continues unabated. One must learn to read with a new set of eyes. When approaching this dark underbelly you must not only read what is written, yet also what is not written and what is being implied…always asking “Where is this information going and what do the authors of it want me to think about it?”

The “world” all live in is most certainly not the one the majority thinks it is and it is growing darker by the day. Why? Because the Truth is painful to most and the preference is to sit idly by while maintaining the illusion of comfort and safety…two things that are going to disappear very shortly from all whether they seek the Truth or not. There is no more “ignorant bliss” and the encroachment of visible darkness into everyone’s lives is just around the bend.

Those of you who have read our books will know that we reported many of these “black tech” anomalies from within our programmed experiences, reporting that the “esoteric tech” is far beyond the accepted reality in the covert, astonishingly well-funded realm of high-level mind kontrol. We have reported that mind kontrol is coming to the masses…and that is occurring now as well as in the future…the future is now!

“Conspiracy Theory” is a catch phrase designed by the very manipulators themselves to keep you and your loved ones ignorant, nothing more. As you will begin to see it is “Conspiracy Science” as many have known and tried to “tell” the rest of the human population for many years now…many of who sacrificed life and limb to do so.

Read below and ask, “What will happen if we ignore this information?” We are not powerless to change things, we are however ignorant and dis-empowered if we choose not to do so. Which will you choose?    (And no, this is not a hoax!){%22104392239756532%22%3A517371121622894}&action_type_map={%22104392239756532%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]—trailer.html

These next two are videos of Hollywood/high profile Music industry stars…these videos clearly signal MKULTRA victims and we state that as a victim/survivor:–Scientists-Add-Kidney-Damage-To-The-List-of-Mobile-Phone–Ills.html–emf-morgellons-black-goo

Through educating yourself and taking back your Benevolent power in Unconditional Love, all things are possible. Face the Truth and allow yourself to work through the fear, it is on the other side of that you will find a strength long forgotten…guaranteed!

(More links to come, always! and they will be added from now on to the bottom of the above list.)

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