Listed here are books that come highly recommended by me/us. Most of them are from the page, however, I only buy the ones I cannot get at my local library and most of them can either be found in your local library or they are available on ‘inter-library loan’ from your local library which is a network across the nation for book loans. I usually pay $4.00 for the loan that is a minimum of 2 weeks, and in many cases the library of loan allows for a renewal…I suggest you check inter-library loan first if your budget is as tight as mine.

Another wonderful outcome of requesting on inter-library loan is that my library has opted to purchase several of the books I have requested which allows reading it for free and then it goes into the library for others to have access…a wonderful thing! This way information that the library doesn’t usually stock is now available to others in my area as well as for other libraries on their national inter-library loan…information many wouldn’t necessarily go looking for is now appearing on the ‘new books’ shelf before being categorized and filed in the more hidden sections.

These are listed in no particular order and this way you can often look inside these books a bit first on Amazon…some listed are the entire book on PDF which you can read or print.

(This next one is listed as ‘fiction,’ however, the series–V in total–is definitely non-fiction in content with Elana’s research being deep and impeccable…recommend reading them all.)

mkzine – The Definitive Collection 2003 – 2005 (DOWNLOAD)

Click to access Shaping_The_Decline_Of_USA-Coleman_John.pdf

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