Scalar Waves, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial RNA/DNA, Nanotech, Optogenetics, CERN and more

This article contains information that is often perceived as “science fiction,” however, having a personal experience of many of these phenomena, we can assure you they are science fact, albeit, on a limited revelation to Human consciousness. In other words, unless one has the proper intellect supported by a strong Human Spirit or personal experience of these phenomena, they will, upon their presentation, trigger a denial in the everyday Human consciousness.

Physics, Quantum and Plasma, are bringing the Human intellect to this door. Those who will enter this door and move in and beyond it in their understanding will inevitably experience a profound transformation in Consciousness, what we would call an absolutely necessary Spiritual introduction, one that cannot take place in the presence of a fully indoctrinated mind. Major chinks in the global programming must be present for this information to enter, and this can only occur if one has the ability to tap into the Heart’s frequencies. Existing in fear, living in a “physical consciousness,” can invariably interrupt and inhibit this information assimilation from occurring.

To date, we feel there has been no other sole presentation of information as important as what is found here, though there is indeed more to the story.

We suggest you take time to enter a Heart energy state of consciousness before watching/listening to these videos and reading the articles, as well as periodically pausing to check your condition, or even watching them slowly over time to allow proper processing and absorption. Breathing techniques often assist this.

How CERN Will Affect Your Soul

EMF Pollution: Electronic Neuro Weapons Silently Torturing Americans

Electricity – look more closely.!SWARM-The-Swarm-at-the-Edge-of-the-Cloud-Integrating-ManMachine-Transhumanism-Agenda/c7j3/CE086BDE-497C-4DA6-BDD0-DBDB89DED8F7

CERN & Its Electrical Entanglement With The Pyramids

Research Spotlight: Optogenetics

THE Reality of Magnus Olsson’s blood – doctor’s report

Memorandum to President Donald J. Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance

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